Hi, my name is Tim Eubank and I am the inventor of The Predator, remote-controlled tool for goose management.

After years of owning and operating a goose control company I can tell you, without ego, that I know geese and I am very good at getting them to move on by creating what they feel is unsafe zones. From experience, there is no better way to rid a site of unwanted geese than using dogs. In Denver, where I am based, we use trained Border Collies because I have found that only they will move purposefully, stalk and eye the geese.

However, In winter when the lakes freeze over, I can not send my three dogs on the ice. I was still clearing 10 acre lakes by sending 2 dogs to either side of the lakes but this could take up to 20 minutes or so. Having a background in remote controlled crafts, association by hobby, I decided it was time to make a tool to help me remove the geese more quickly and that anyone could use for help. I knew it had to be much more durable that anything I could buy in a hobby shop so I spent the next 2 years designing and testing 11 different prototypes. Being able to test it in all weather conditions, the hard work and patients finally paid off and I came up with the ultimate goose removal tool. It easily moves across grass, snow, ice and water.

All of our electronics are upgraded and water resistant. It has a pistol style throttle on the remote transmitter that even has a reverse. The remote has a sensitivity knob that allows you to control how sensitive The Predator turns. For example, if your running The Predator on ice you can set the control at 50%, when the steering wheel is turned all the way right or left the rudder will only move 50%. This will give you better control and minimize side slides. Set the control to 100% on water and you can make 180 degree turns in very tight spots. The Predator has a waterproof on/off switch. This means you don’t have to plug and unplug the battery each time you use it. The body and floats (pontoons) are made of a highly durable and flexible polyethylene foam. The floats are designed to help maintain control on windy days and are designed to virtually make it impossible to flip onto it’s side. The body is finished by installing a vinyl print of a fox to the outside, a car wrap if you will. The Predator will truly mimic a natural predator of the geese.

All of this, The Predator’s design, looks, electronics and durability, lead to The Predator being the best, most efficient goose removal tool on the market, at a much less price than you might think. With The Predator and some minor knowledge that I can give, you can easily start you own Goose Management Program and rid your site of unwanted geese.