Remote Controlled Goose Management Tool

The Solution to Goose Pollution

Take your property back with the most effective and efficient tool on the market to rid your site of unwanted geese and their droppings.

On GRASS, ICE, WATER and SNOW, The Predator truly mimics a natural predator of the geese, something they are familiar with and afraid of. With the ease of use, fast speed, durability and turn on a dime handling, The Predator is a must have goose removal tool for anyone with a goose problem. It was designed to virtually never tip over and has functionality in windy conditions to allow you to quickly remove unwanted geese from any property, at a price you can afford.

truly mimics a natural predator of the geese

The Predator

Skims on Grass

Sleds on Snow

Floats on Water

Slides on Ice
The Predator

Remote Controlled Goose Management Tool

The Predator is the most efficient and effective tool on the market to rid your site of unwanted geese and their droppings.



Humane ✅

Effective ✅

Mimics a natural predator of the geese. ✅

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Predator Remote Controlled Goose Management Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Predator Powered?

It has a LiPo battery that powers a strong electric motor. Each Predator is shipped with a charger and 2 batteries.

How long do the batteries last?

On water, ice and most snow conditions a battery will last 20-30 minutes. On grass, with more resistance, it will last 15-20 minutes.

How much does The Predator weigh?

3.6 pounds. Smaller than our competitor and slightly heavier, The Predator works better in the wind and will not tip over on it’s side.

How big is it?

At 30“ long, 20“ wide and 16“ tall, The Predator is the tool of choice to create goose free zones.

What is it made of?

It is constructed of a dense polyethylene foam. This foam is flexible and virtually indestructible. It will give you effective goose control for years and years to come.

How is it controlled?

By a transmitter that is similar to a remote controlled car. It has a pistol style trigger for the variable throttle and a steering wheel for left/right control. The Predator uses all upgraded electronics that are water resistant and has a much needed reverse.

How/Why is the Predator more effective than other products?

The Fox is the Canada Goose’s number 1 predator. We mimic what the geese were born to naturally fear. The Predator simply looks more like a Predator, it gives you longer usage time, is built durable to withstand harsh weather and tough use, is easy to use, has turn on a dime handling, can be used in higher winds and is designed to virtually never tip over, making it the best product of it’s kind on the market for getting rid of unwanted geese.

The Predator Fox: Remote Control Goose Management Tool design project has been designed and tested beyond any normal product. Tim Eubank has an extreme passion and love for his goose business, his family of dogs, and his product. Upon completion of The Predator, Product GoGo was given a sample unit and to our surprise it is VERY easy to operate and the amount of time to control it at longer distances with confidence was short.

Blake St.Clair

Product GoGo

The City of Cheyenne realized the importance of starting their own Goose Management Program. 5 months after purchasing a Trained Goose Dog and A Predator, the City’s Parks and Golf Courses are Goose Free. Cheyenne Parks Director Jason Sanchez says “We have saved more than 700 man hours cleaning up after the geese the first year alone. Plus, now that our parks are goose poop free, our Gazebo rentals have almost doubled.”

Jason Sanchez

Cheyenne Parks Director


Man Hours Per Year

Complaints coming from golf courses have risen over the years. High densities of feces on greens and paths reduce the aesthetic value and recreational use of these areas. Direct costs for golf courses include hiring personnel to clean greens each morning and chase geese during the day costing upwards of $21,840 annual costs.

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North American Goose Population

There are over 4 million geese in North America. In Wichita, Kansas the size of the winter Canada goose population within the city limits increase from 1,600 to over 18,000 birds.


Zero Geese

Our ultimate goal is to provide a product that can efficiently, safely, and quickly remove ALL of your geese from your property. The Predator is a great tool to to aide you in having a goose free property. Make the geese go “Up & Away! for good“!